A General Dentist Answers Common Questions About Orthdontic Treatment

Posted on: October 16, 2020

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Wanting to learn more about how orthodontics can help you? Good idea. According to the American Dental Association, orthodontics is the formal name of the dental specialty concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, interception, guidance and correction of bad bites. If you are currently in need of orthodontic treatment, making an appointment sooner rather than later is recommended.

Why choose a general dentist for orthodontic reasons?

Wondering if orthodontics is in your near future? You can make an appointment with a general dentist in order to find out whether or not you are in need of orthodontic treatment. If you are and the dentist offers orthodontic treatment services, you can have the dentist perform the treatment vs. being given a referral to see another type of dental professional. The main reasons why so many people are choosing to have a general dentist perform any necessary orthodontic treatment is because they are convenient, knowledgeable and accessible.

Two of the more common types of orthodontic treatment include braces and clear aligners.

A general dentist answers common questions about orthodontic treatment

Below are some of the more common questions people have about orthodontic treatment, answered by a general dentist.

Which type of braces should I choose?

Because there are few different options for wearing braces nowadays, patients who are in need of this type of orthodontic treatment will need to choose which option is ideal for them. Three of the more common types of teeth straightening options chosen nowadays include ceramic braces, lingual braces and clear aligners. In order for patients to make the decision, they need to consider their overall lifestyle and how their orthodontic choice is going to fit into their everyday lives.

How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

When it comes to how long a patient can expect their orthodontic treatment option to straighten their teeth, it simply depends on their particular situation as every patient is different. A general answer is that it can take anywhere from six months to 36 months for a dental patient to get the straight teeth they want. In order for a patient to understand exactly how long it will take to straighten the teeth, a consultation appointment for personalized information is necessary.

What are the pros and cons of each orthodontic treatment option?

There are indeed a number of pros and cons that come with each type of orthodontic treatment option. For example, a pro for traditional metal braces is that they tend to work fast, while a con is that they are very noticeable when being worn. One of the pros of wearing clear aligners is that they are barely noticeable when being worn, while a con is that they cannot be used for severely crooked teeth or malocclusions.

Are you in need of orthodontic treatment?

Are you in need of orthodontics so you can experience better oral health? Now that you read the above information, you understand more about how a general dentist can provide you with the orthodontic treatment you need for good oral health. Your next step is contacting us now with any questions you have or contacting us to make your first consultation appointment.

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