How to Keep Clear Braces From Staining

Posted on: September 10, 2020

clear braces Huntsville, AL

For many patients, clear braces are an appealing alternative to traditional braces. Instead of having metal in your mouth, you can enjoy a less noticeable material on your teeth, as well as other benefits. Following the right steps will allow you to preserve the invisible nature of these tooth-straightening cosmetic treatments.

Clear braces description

While regular braces are made of metal and consist of brackets and wires, clear braces use porcelain or ceramic. The white color of these braces allows them to blend in with the person’s teeth, making them virtually invisible to other people. Patients can wear these braces on either the top or bottom teeth. Some patients only choose to have them on teeth that stand out more, meaning the back teeth still may have traditional metal braces. Like their counterparts, clear braces put pressure on the person’s teeth to move them over time into the proper places in the mouth. The choice to go this route is, for many people, a matter of appearance and avoiding self-consciousness issues.

Choosing this method

Patients should discuss with the dentist whether this option is available. The process of getting clear braces is similar to getting metal braces. The orthodontist will do an oral examination and review the patient’s health history. The orthodontist will also take X-rays and make a mold of the person’s mouth. Treatment time for the ceramic and porcelain braces can be a little longer than the time it takes for metal braces to shift the teeth.

Watch for staining

One of the biggest challenges that patients will face when wearing clear braces is that staining is common. It is not uncommon for patients to discover that the ceramic or porcelain has discoloration. This can occur due to what the patient is eating or drinking. Poor oral hygiene can play a factor as well. To combat these concerns, the patient can do the following:

  • Avoid sugary foods such as soda and candy
  • Avoid dark foods
  • Brush after every meal
  • Follow up regularly with the orthodontist, and do not miss appointments
  • Do not use teeth-whitening toothpaste, as it can leave spots on the teeth once the orthodontist removes the braces

Be vigilant with clear braces

Clear braces are designed to improve a person’s smile and hide the fact that the person is wearing the braces altogether. A lack of attention to proper care and maintenance could defeat the purpose of choosing this method in the first place. Consistent flossing is also crucial. The orthodontist and dentist may also recommend using mouthwash to reduce staining.

Enjoy the look

Many people may shy away from wearing traditional braces. Self-esteem can be at stake when you have something in your mouth that stands out. However, clear braces offer an effective additional option when you need to straighten your teeth. If you are interested in this treatment, make an appointment at your orthodontist’s office today. If you are careful about maintaining good oral health practices, the braces should look good and work effectively.

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